Raymond Berger


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Things I Made


Solving a Variation of the Stable Roommates Problem Using Evolutionary Algorithms, ICCBR 2018


Drone UI Alerts
Random Stock Picker
Franklin T9 Python API
Swappa Listing Alerter
Easy Gmail Scheduler - Before Gmail had it built-in
TickTick API in Node.js
TikTok Slackbot


Awesome Social Enterprise
Awesome Hawaii Documentaries
Airflow VPA

Things I Like


The Markup


Bitwarden - FOSS password manager
Inoreader - RSS reader
Wallabag - FOSS read it later
Pocket Casts - Podcast App
Jitsi - FOSS video chat
Joplin - FOSS notetaking in markdown, sync crossplatform
LibriVox - Free public domain audiobooks
OpenStreetMap - FOSS Google Maps that you can contribute to
TickTick - A free todo app, simple yet feature rich
Drops - Learn vocab for a new language


Binary Eye - FOSS barcode scanner for Android
Sync - Reddit Client for Android


StrongTowns - Generally pushing for better communities in small towns. Still evaluating their org
Credit union - Banks but nonprofit. Find your local one
HackerNews - Not the most friendly bunch but lots of smart tech discussions
KickStarter - Fund indie artists/creators
Lemmy - Federated Reddit alternative

What Is Going On Here?

I've been thinking about how to build a personal site for way too long. So I've decided to start simple. I'm putting whatever comes to mind on this one page. Eventually, I'll put it into a CMS of some sort.